Welcome to the Norgeslekene 11 – 13 August 2023 at Jessheim friidrettstadion

International participants must send registration via e-mail to ukifriidrett@gmail.com

Hotel offer Thon Oslo Airport

Price per room:

1 adult: NOK 995,-
2 adults: NOK 1095,-
3 adults: NOK 1245,-
4 adults: NOK 1395,- 

Event schedule

The timetable for each individual class and event will be published approx. 7th of August

* The event is carried out in the senior class, but separate prizes are awarded to the best in the relevant age group

MS/KS = Menn / Women

Spyd = Javelin
Diskos = Discus
Slegge = Hammer throw
Kule = Shot put

Lengde = Long jump
Tresteg = Trippel jump

Høyde = High Jump
Stav = Pole Vault

hinder = steeplechase
hekk(er) = hurdles

Link to booking the nearest hotel, also at a very favorable price:


Registration fee

International participants must send registration via e-mail to ukifriidrett@gmail.com

Registration fee is NOK 95 for 10 years and younger. For the event 3000 m and 800 m Menn and Women, which are part of the Norgesserien, the registration fee is NOK 350. For other events, 11 years and older it is NOK 125.

Registration deadline 4 August. After the deadline, it is possible to register, where there is space, for a double fee. Send an e-mail to ukifriidrett@gmail.com about late registration.

Final confirmation 

NB! Remember that there is final confirmation on races for 11 years and older! 

The deadline for Friday's events is 12:00 for all events. On Saturday and Sunday, the deadline is 3 hours before the start of event.

Link to electronic final confirmation will been sent to the e-mail address used in registration on August 9th.

Check your spam filter/junk mail if you have not received such an e-mail. If you dont't find the email, send info to ukifriidrett@gmail.com with your name and the event you will be participating in and what it concerns

Some age-specific classes are carried out with the senior classes

A number of events in the age groups 17-19 years are carried out together with the senior class, but prizes are awarded to the best in the relevant age groups. These exercises are marked with * in the daily overview above.


800 m and 3000 m, men and women, on Friday evening are included in the Norgesserien and pacemakers will be set up in as many heats as possible.

See more about the Norgesserien here: https://www.norgesserien.no

100 m

For 100 m, the heats will be seeded on the basis of SB/PB, so that the best runs together. Best heat at the end. A, B and C finals will still be arranged, and possibly more if desired, so that everyone who wants it gets two races.

To and from OSL Oslo Airport Gardermoen

Route 420 runs from the Terminal building and to Aktivitetsvegen, right outside the Jessheim friidrettstadion and departs every half hour.


Races with a direct final, i.e. 200 m and longer, are seeded so that the best heat, the A final, comes last.


Running direction will be reversed, if necessary, to achieve the most possible tailwind in the 100 m and 200 m.